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Your Weekly Personalized e-Newsletter just got easy.

Personalize With Your Name / Phone# / etc. Branding (click here to view a Masthead) - your name or your practice name along with your chosen photo and contact information appear at the top of every e-Newsletter and every article. If you currently have your own website you can copy your website masthead into your e-Newsletter masthead.

Weekly e-Newsletters - frequency of communication is a critical element in building the relationship with your readers. An e-Newsletter sent once a week creates a sense of anticipation and expectation with your readers. Newsletters sent once or twice a month are exponentially less effective.

Patient Friendly Articles - each article is written by our expert team of writers trained with proprietary processes developed over 20 years. Your articles are:
  • Enticing to open and read appealing to a broad array of your patients' interest.
  • Easy and quick to read in just a minute or two.
  • Understandable in layman terms (informative, enjoyable and at times entertaining).
  • Epiphanies that include facts with sources that provide insightful points of credible references that patients can take away and feel informed.
  • Empowering for those seeking insights which elicits further discussions and appointments on their topics of concerns and interests.

Several Articles per e-Newsletter - each e-Newsletter has a minimum of 4 articles on diverse topics created for your readers demographic. The number and variety of articles (primarily health related but not only health topics) creates the interest and anticipation in your e-Newsletters that results in exceptionally high open rates.

Reference Sources - are provided at the end of every article to assure both credibility and patient trust by showing studies and that the insights came from well-founded references.

Information That You Want Your Readers to Have - In every e-Newsletter you will be given the opportunity to provide directly to your readers information that you create. This is your opportunity to send your readers: weekly insights, practice news, upcoming events, your own articles or any other information.

Your Personal Comments and Opinions (click here to view comments example) - can be added at the end of any and all articles before your e-Newsletter is sent. You can use this to add your own thoughts and expertise that will surely resonate with your patients. We can even add your photo to your comments to further enhance your personalization. If you prefer to not add comments, or just don't have the time, the quality of our content stands on its own. This option is strictly up to you.

Article Selection (click here to see an article example) - we write a minimum of 4 articles for every e-Newsletter. The topics are selected and the articles are written to be of interest to your readers, to create a high level of anticipation, and to enhance your relationship with them. However, if you are not comfortable with any or all of the articles you may chose of opt-out of those articles. If you chose to opt-out those specific articles will not be sent to your readers. If you choose to op-out of all articles your e-Newsletter for that week will not be sent out and you will not be charged.

One Click Appointment Request - at the end of every article your reader can, with a single click, request to be contacted by you. If they chose to do so you will be sent an email informing you of the email address of the person requesting your attention along with the article that they were reading when they made the request.

Secure Patient Email List - your email list is password secured and under only your control. We will NOT send any emails to your email list without your knowledge.

Our Technology - we provide all of the technology required to support your e-Newsletters. You do not need to purchase any additional equipment.

Your "Home" and "About Us" Pages - your Health Realizations e-Newsletter service allows you to create "Home" and "About Us" pages that you can use to present personal and practice information to your readers. Your readers will have the opportunity to access these pages when they view any of the articles in your personalized e-Newsletter.

Archives - each of your e-Newsletters is archived and available to any of your readers when they are accessing any of your articles. The archived articles are searchable in the event that your reader has a specific need.

Unsubscribe Notification - you have the option to be notified anytime one of your readers unsubscribes from your e-Newsletter.

Protection For Your Mailing List - Your mailing list always belongs to you. Never will it be used, borrowed, sold, or rented as it is your mailing list.

About Permission-based Mailing Lists - HRI is a permission-based email services Company. This means everyone you email to must either "opt in", or say it's okay to send them communications. As a practitioner you have a certain obligation to communicate with patients you serve. You must know them as patients or have met them and have gained their agreement to send them communications. HRI has a zero-tolerance policy against SPAM.

Using a purchased list in your account, even if stated to be permission based by seller is in violation of our Terms of Service. We also do not provide lists for you to rent or buy.

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