HRI Benefits

The benefits to you:

More Patient Appointments - valued weekly communication enhances your relationship with your patients. A patient is more likely to make an appointment on a regular basis with someone who continually demonstrates commitment to their overall wellness, and simply stays in touch.

Want x2 to x3 more Patients (who already know you)?
  • Re-Activate Inactive Patients - one of the greatest opportunities for you to significantly increase your appointments is to re-activate your inactive patients.
  • Most practitioners have x2 to x3 times as many inactive patients as active patients. Introducing your personalized e-Newsletter gives you the perfect opportunity to contact these previous patients for their email addresses. Your e-Newsletter will help re-establish the relationship that will lead to appointments. This is an opportunity to double or triple your appointments.

Increased Patient Retention - relationship is a key factor in patient retention. The better the relationship the less likely the patient is to seek another provider. It is difficult to walk away from someone you are communicating with every week.

Gain Additional New Patient Referrals - when your patients forward your insightful articles to friends or loved ones that they think may be interested, they are in effect recommending you and your practice.

Greater Patient Acquisition - when that friend or loved one subscribes to your e-Newsletter you have a new patient that you just haven't seen yet.

Enhanced Patient Confidence, Trust, and Relationship with You - the fact that you are taking the time to communicate weekly with your patients on a wide variety of common issues and health concerns demonstrates your commitment to them. They understand and appreciate your efforts.

Increased Patient Awareness of Their Health Concerns - the more informed a patient is the more likely that a treatment will be successful. Your articles may also bring to light issues that a patient may be facing, but has yet to discuss with you. Reading articles that provide solutions to common problems motivates patients to seek your advice and help.

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