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Practitioner Health Realizations e-Newsletter Benefits

Affordable - ONLY $30 per e-Newsletter. 40% discount available for practitioner partners.

  • Increase Patient Appointments - via consistent, patient valued e-Newsletter communication that enhance relationships resulting in more appointments
  • Your First 30 Days are TOTALLY FREE. The Initial $55 setup fee is waived making the total cost for your first 30 days 100% FREE.
  • Increase Patient Retention - patients continue to seek treatment and advice from practitioners with whom they perceive communicate with them regularly
  • Increase New Patient Referrals - e-Newsletters sent from a patient to a friend become a practice referral
  • Increase Patient Acquisition - pass-along e-Newsletters to potential new patients.
  • Increase Re-activation of Inactive Patients - increase your active patient list by 200% to 300% by re-activating your inactive patients
  • Increase Patient Confidence, Trust, and Relationship - valued weekly communication with your patients demonstrates your commitment to their wellness
  • Increase Patient Awareness of Their Health Issues - patients that are more aware of solutions will more often seek your help

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Your Health Realizations e-Newsletter Features

Your Name/Phone#/Photo Personalizes e-Newsletters - your customized heading (masthead) with your contact information and photos increases your share-of-mind with patients

Sent Weekly to Your Email List by HRI - frequency is a major element in successful online communication.

Multiple "Diverse" Article Topics - at least 4 articles per e-Newsletter targeted to your readers demographic

Reference Sources Provided - to assure both credibility and patient trust

Information That You Create - In every e-Newsletter you will be given the opportunity to provide directly to your readers: weekly insights, practice news, upcoming events, your own article, or any other information.

Your Personal Comments - can be added on any and all articles to provide your points, opinions or links to your website or your videos, etc.

Under Your Control - you can review and opt-out of any article you choose. If you opt-out of all articles there is no charge for that e-newsletter

In weekly e-Newletter previews - you have OPTIONAL partner articles without links to their products or services

Automated Patient Appointment Requests - one click when they need your insights and you are informed that they want you to contact them

Secure Email List Storage - your email list is password secured and under only your control. If you cancel your entire list will immediately be deleted automatically.

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